Coasting – Stand Up Paddleboarding for Women

Coasting is an opportunity for females to ‘Escape the noise’ through the emerging
sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding – SUP.

coasting is an initiative of Vichealth which falls under the “changing the game initiative.” It offers the chance to experience stand Up Paddleboarding and helps provide an avenue for continued participation in SUP. Coasting offers participants a chance to “escape the noise,” get out on the water and try a new emerging activity that is SUP.

Lesson 1 is an introductory lesson with an assumption the participant has not before participated in the sport of SUP. The emphasis should be on developing correct technique but most of all having fun!

Lesson 2 Participants are now in a phase where they’ve got a good idea of how to get on the board and paddle around. Now is the time to begin to introduce some different paddling and turning techniques. It is understood each SUP school will have different techniques and drills for this. We would recommend games and keeping the sessions based around the “fun” side of SUP

Lesson 3 Participants will now be reasonably confident paddlers and are hopefully enjoying the sessions, have some sort of self sufficiency when paddling and are keen to continue in the sport of SUP.

Sessions :  3x 2 hour, 9am – 11am
Cost: $150.00